Hi. I’m Rebecca Lieb. I’ve been working in digital marketing, advertising, publishing and media pretty much since the beginning of this whole internet thing.

Currently, I’m an analyst covering digital advertising and media at the Altimeter Group, a research-based advisory firm.

I’ve consulted on digital strategy, content strategy and SEO for a wide variety of brands and professional trade organizations, and have run some major web properties in the digital marketing space such as Econsultancy‘s US operations, which I launched. For over seven years, I was VP and editor-in-chief of The ClickZ Network.  For a portion of that time, I also ran SearchEngineWatch.

I’ve always worked in media, digital or otherwise, My background includes executive marketing and communications positions at strategic e-services consultancies, like Siegel+Gale, and work in the same capacity for global entertainment and media companies including Universal Television & Networks Group (formerly USA Networks International) and Bertelsmann’s RTL Television.

As a journalist, I’ve written on media for countless publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.  I spent five years as Variety’s Berlin-based German/Eastern European bureau chief.  Until recently,  I taught at New York University’s Center for Publishing and also served on their Electronic Publishing Advisory Group.

My first book, The Truth About Search Engine Optimization, published by FT Press, instantly became a best-seller on Amazon.com. It remains a top-10 title in several Internet marketing categories and will soon be updated. My most recent book, Content Marketing, published in October, 2011.

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It should go without saying (but I couldn’t possibly not say it) that any and all opinions expressed on this blog are my own and not necessarily those of my employers, clients, or publishers.






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